Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Am I Really Manic Pixie Cut Dream Girl?

With plenty of time off of work (a sabbatical if you will), I figured I had a good opportunity to live as a girl full time, even if only for a week or so. And, I figured this would be a good time to explore some low maintenance ways that I could do being a girl. You know, things that would make it a little easier with less grooming or combing or plucking. A short pixie cut wig seemed like a good way to cut down on annoying maintenance. Instead of worrying about how wind would affect my hair, or worrying that it looked tangled or frayed or wig-like, I could just pop on a short wig and head right outside, confident that my wind tunnel of a city wouldn't ruin my look. 

Well, I picked up a wig off eBay, careful to make sure I had the right hair color (which was a spot on match). With the style, I tried to get something with sort of longish bangs that still looked feminine enough and wouldn't leave me looking like a Beatle or something. I think it ended up looking okay.

The night I took these photos, my partner and I were meeting a friend for dinner. It was golden hour (when you get perfect sunset light). Throwing on my new short wig, I ran outside to snap some photos so I could get a feel for how I looked.

This wig, I think, is just a little too short for me. Honestly, I think I'd prefer something with longer bangs in front so that they cover up a little more of my face. I know, I know. It's like what the mom tells the teenage daughter "You have such a beautiful face, don't hide it behind your hair." But, I like having my hair in front of my face! At least on the sides. Despite six months of HRT I still think my face looks to masculine and I like haircuts that hide my face as much as possible.

With this short wig, I just felt a little exposed, at least facially, like all my facial bone structure flaws were there for the world to see. Plus, I worried the short hair just didn't help me pass the same way that long hair actually would. Maybe a slightly different pixie cut would work for me, and I used to have a blonde pixie wig that really worked well for me. Maybe it's just a matter of finding the right pixie cut look, and this one isn't it. Also, I felt weird because this wig, I think, made me look a little more middle aged and a little less young and hip. Again, I think maybe it's the wig style itself and not the short hair. I'll have to keep looking around to see what other styles are out there.

In the end though, I decided to go with my usual long hair for dinner that night. While I think that the short hair could look okay, I still felt like I was more passable (and thus more comfortable) with the longer hair, even if the wind did mess it up. Also, on the way to dinner, my partner managed to snap a few pictures for me, so we got some great sunset light shots that made me super happy. 

The day after this would be the real start of my staycation. Monday. I had big plans though. First, I would head to Banana Republic and Target to do some shopping, then maybe try and take some photos around NYC to show off my new clothes.


  1. I kind of like the pixie look especially the way it shows in the 1st & 5th pictures. I love the pose and the lighting and the look in the 7th picture too. Always love the look with a LBD. Think heels might go good for a night out too with that LBD. Always have to show off those gorgeous gams.Enjoy your staycation and so happy to live our lives vicariously through you. Hugs.
    PS: You do have beautiful eyes. Don't hide them too much.

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa. You're too kind! The black dress is literally my favorite dress (too bad it's from H&M and already needs some touch up sewing). It may be too casual for heels, but luckily I have plenty of other LBDs that are fancy enough.