Monday, August 31, 2015


People often look at my pictures and ask me how I manage to create such feminine curves. Well, I must sadly admit that they are not my real curves and that my hips and waist are just an illusion. Ah well.

In the interest of simplifying it, I created a graphic a while back that I share.

Actually I had never heard the term "under armor" before and didn't realize it was a
clothing company. 

The truth is that hip padding really does help with looking feminine, though it does have its draw backs. Firstly, you're just wearing a lot of extra stuff, which isn't great it hot weather, especially with a wig as well. You end up with a lot of layers. Yes, I have been known to overheat. This summer, I tried to go out for a cocktail night with my girlfriends, but it was like 95 out, with 95% humidity and the speakeasy we went to for some fancy cocktails didn't have A/C and was super stuffy. Ugh. I ended up cutting out early because all I wanted to do was get home and take all my gear off, something you just don't have the option to do in public without looking a little weird.
One picture that whole night. Luckily I looked good. 
The other issue with all the padding is that it makes it a little tricky to pee. Not impossible. Just a little more difficult. Let's just say I'm happy that stalls have doors. One time as I was getting dressed after peeing in a tiny stall, I realized I accidentally dropped one of my hip pads in the toilet! It was soaked. There was nothing to do but fish it out (luckily I had flushed) and toss it in the trash. Luckily I was wearing a more A-line dress at the time so it wasn't too noticeable. 

Despite the difficulty, I like having the padding, even if it's a little bulky. Next to having my own curves (stupid nature not giving me what I want), they're the next best thing. 

How can you say no?

Also be sure and check out the podcast that I did on the topic of shapewear.

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