Thursday, September 29, 2016

T-Shirt & Jeans Girl

There's this thing in our modern American society; T-shirt and jeans guy. It's a term for a guy who's relaxed, casual, doesn't put on airs and is more comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans. I was one. Hardcore. I still don't actually know how to look good in a suit. There's something about it that I've never been able to pull off. Like my brain and body know it's wrong. So yeah, I've always been T-shirt and jeans. So what happens when you transition?

Well, I plan to be a T-shirt and jeans girl too. If I can manage. It's actually hard to dress down as a girl. I even discussed it in a recent episode of my podcast. But when I ended up with some me time recently, I thought it would be a fun project to try and dress down, to be as much of a normal and every day a girl as I can be.

First, it started with the new jeans I picked. Actually they were used from Housing Works. I love Housing Works thrift shops because while I don't always find good stuff, they have really good quality clothing for super cheap. So I found a $250 pair of designer jeans for $40. They fit like a glove and I was a super happy girl.

So I paired those with one of my black Banana Republic T-shirts. Seriously, I have like six of them. And I want to get more. In general my guy wardrobe was like 95% black T-shirts. The girl ones I picked up are a nice replacement. They fit better, the fabric is softer and they have a little bit of a scoop neck that helps highlight my boobs. Perfection!

Lastly, I decided that I would try for a no-makeup look. Now, I should highlight that there is a big difference between no makeup and a no-makeup look. What I did was seriously minimal makeup. So, for starters, absolutely no foundation or contouring. Skin only. Then I did some light brow pencil, light eyeliner, mascara and some lip gloss. The results, I think, were really good. I especially like the fact that I can now get away with no foundation at all. I probably couldn't do that all day because some beard might start to show up and I probably couldn't let people get too close to me, but in general no foundation at all is starting to be an option.

So now all I need is for the weather to cool down just slightly. This summer has been almost unbearable with the heat and humidity. And unlike many areas of the country, in NYC you have to go outside. There's no avoiding it. We walk everywhere and we walk in all weather.

Well, it's almost late September, so autumn should be here. That's jeans weather! I for one, can't wait.


  1. You can really pull of a " no makeup look " , so envious of your skin. Presumably that's a combination of laser , hormones and good skincare in general.? Wish I could do away with my foundation but years of mancare or rather lack of care means that's an impossibility. Every picture I'm seeing of you keeps getting better xx

    1. Yes, laser, HRT and I tend to wear sunscreen every day. Beyond that I don't really have a "skin routine," though it's funny because I've had like three people randomly tell me that I had great skin. It's something I don't even think about.

      Thank you! Don't despair on your own skin - I wore foundation for decades.