Sunday, July 2, 2017

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As many of you know, I've had the podcast Gender Rebels for the past year. We've got 52 episodes all ready and more on the way! Our first year was amazing. It went better than we ever could have expected. The reactions we've gotten from listeners have been the best: funny, insightful, moving, and inspiring. We love you guys! We love you girls! We love you boths! We love you neithers!

And we want to take The Gender Rebels to the next level! Supporting us on Patreon will get you cool stuff! It'll also help us make the show even better! We're looking to upgrade our recording equipment and studio (our apartment does not have the best acoustics). I'm also looking to jump back into YouTube, which means - yikes - more equipment: lighting, camera components, and software. 
We're striving to make The Gender Rebels better so you can get better content every week!
This has been a huge journey and we could never have done this without you. We hope you'll come with us on this new adventure! 

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