Sunday, December 25, 2016

2016 My Year in Pictures

Despite a lot of things that might have made 2016 a bummer of a year from our world and for the USA, I had a great year. It was full of parties, adventures, a bit of shopping and lots of exciting times. There were so many huge steps for me in 2016; coming out, starting work, celebrating one year on hormones and beginning to live my life as a woman full time.

It was a big year for me and in the tradition I started last year, I thought I'd post up a year in review and share some of my adventures. Thanks for reading my blog and for all your kind support and comments. Wishing you a great 2017!

New Year's Eve party. 2016 being only a few minutes old at this point. 

Going out in my new favorite dress. And doing my best to ignore the February cold.

Stopping for a quick post-Callen-Lorde shopping trip at the Brooklyn Industries store in Chelsea.

Visiting the Natural History Museum. 

Celebrating my birthday with champagne at the Met. 

Finally getting to go to prom as me! Or at least a grown up prom-themed party. 
Shopping at Housing Works and really trying to rock the ordinary girl style. I love how normal I look in this picture. 

Soon after the Occulus opened in Lower Manhattan. 

Finding a store with the absolute perfect lighting in the dressing room. 

Trying a short hair look and enjoying the effects of HRT.
Exploring my short hair look. And enjoying the May weather that finally warmed us up.

This June sunset pic is totally going to be my album cover one day.

Not a super flattering pic to say the least, but hey, I wore a dress and marched in the pride parade with the governor!

Picnic with friends on Governors Island.

Flying a helicopter!

Looking right down at the Statue of Liberty. How cool is that?

I just love this pic. I feel like I should photoshop it into a shot from Star Wars.

Visiting Snug Harbor in Staten Island.

My first time at the beach as a girl!

Enjoying the water and sand on my first time visiting the beach as a girl!

Okay. This picture doesn't look that great. Just a subway selfie. But this was actually a huge day for me. This was a day I took off work and just lived as an ordinary girl. A few doctor's appointments, some errands and living as me!

All dressed up to go out and celebrate coming out to my sister and her supportive response.

I was feeling really down about my life, transition, and going full time. Then I got dressed up, saw her in the mirror and thought "I can totally do this." It put me in such a great mood. 

Trying a no makeup look (there's actually the tiniest bit of makeup)

Taking part in a Callen-Lorde photoshoot.

My Halloween costume and soft coming out at work. Yep, I dressed up as Rey for a work event! This was also the day my name change became 100% official. 

Visiting the Unisphere.

Celebrating my new drivers licence with my new name and gender marker on it.

My first day working as me! It went so well. 

One year on hormones. 

Hanging out with coworkers at the office Christmas party.

Me dressing up in winter.

Me a month full time and enjoying life thus far.


  1. wonderful photos to remember the good times of the year
    Each photo shows your beauty
    love your smile and eyes
    Hope next year is even better

  2. Looks like you had a blast, but did Ralph McQuarrie the design for that Occulus thing? Looks very Imperial :P

    1. See, it always reminded me more of Gattaca. Also, I have a fun Ralph McQuarrie story. I grew up immersed in his art, especially considering that I loved all the West End Games Star Wars source books. Those used a lot of the unused Star Wars concept art. And I actually met Ralph McQuarrie multiple times. But I didn't realize it! He used to come into the art supply store I worked at but he was just another customer. Then when the documentary Empire of Dreams came out and interviewed him I was like "OMG! That customer was Ralph McQuarrie!" Ah well.

    2. That is just so awesome! thanks for sharing! <3