Thursday, December 31, 2015

Brooklyn Industries Dresses

My first Brooklyn Industries dress was actually a thrift shop find and I was lucky to snag it for $15. What I really loved about the dress was that it was so well made, with a nice inner lining and good fabrics. None of your cheap Forever 21 or H&M style disposable clothing. Of course Brooklyn Industries tends to charge like $100 for a dress instead of the $15 at H&M, so you will pay for the better quality.

The dress I found at the thrift shop worked great for me because it was a sleeveless black a-line most favorite type! Here are a few photos: 

Back during my red-head days. 

How cute am I? Also, how cold am I? I think this was in late March one year.
Not exactly Spring, but warm enough for a outdoor photoshoot if you're willing to brave the slight chill. 

Other than the black one above, I shopped their stores a few more times, but never really found anything that I liked that much, especially not for $100. And sadly, I was never able to find another one in a thrift shop either. One of my other favorite ways to get expensive clothes for cheap is to check eBay, but unfortunately Brooklyn Industries is such a small brand that I was never able to find their clothes online either. So, there remained but one of their dresses in my closet. 

Fast forward to this year...after my first Callen Lorde appointment, I had plenty of time to kill after my doctor's visit so I actually stopped by the Chelsea store. It was a good idea, because I totally found a cute dress that I really liked and that I think looked pretty good on me. It's a light, fun summer dress with a fun origami crane design. It fit perfectly and I loved the feel of the smooth, light fabric on my legs.

Nothing quite as fun as post-medical procedure dress shopping!

Finding the perfect outfit makes me happy. Can't you tell how very happy I am? 

What wasn't quite as fun as the fabric was the price tag. $100! With a grand worth of laser hair removal in my future, I wasn't quite ready to throw down that much on a new dress when I already had a closet full of them. One other time I went back and they had the dress on sale for $78, a pretty good markdown, but still not that great. Then, a couple weeks ago, I was biking through Park Slope and saw that Brooklyn Industries had a 40% off clearance sale! Woo hoo! I found the dress, tried it on (in boy mode) and it still fit perfectly! Best of all, it had been marked down further and there was also a sale as well! I got it for $48! Half price! 

Now my only problem is wanting to wear this new dress every single time I go out. Okay seriously. I totally wore it out to a meetup group, then a second time wore it out for a shopping trip and drinks with a friend. I'd keep wearing it out, but my pictures are starting to get stale! This is why I always need new keep my pictures from getting too repetitive.

Shopping is the sacrifice I make for all of you!

In early December, I also got some new ankle boots after the zippers broke on my old ones (hey, those were Payless and lasted a year, so I'm still impressed they lasted that long). For my new shoes, I went to a fancier ladies' shoe store in my neighborhood and found some super cute, pretty comfortable fur lined ankle boots with like a 1" heel. With those and some opaque black tights, the crane dress and maybe a cardigan over it, I managed to put together a cute, comfy outfit that worked for winter. 

Here are some pics I took out, on one of the unseasonably warm December nights a couple weeks ago: 

Though the Promenade is super picturesque, it has the unfortunate downside of being super incredibly windy. So it can be hard to capture a good photo. Luckily I managed to snap a few that didn't have my hair blowing all in my face. Plus, I just love the feeling of the wind blowing around my dress. It's such a great feeling. 

Well, I have friends coming over for New Year's Eve tonight, so, in the interest of keeping my photos fresh, I'll probably refrain from wearing this exact same outfit again. Maybe I'll wear a totally different dark sleeveless a-line dress. Either way I'll definitely post up new pictures!

Happy 2016 everyone!


  1. Hi Faith
    In your recent post about going out on MLK weekend you mentioned hip-pads. Could you let us know which hip-pads you use, and why those?

    Kind regards
    Talita Slabbert from Durban in the Republic of South Africa.

    1. Hi Talita,

      Please check out my earlier post on hip pads: