Sunday, December 24, 2017

Skyline Pics

Way back in like 2003 or so, back soon after I first moved to New York, I remember taking my first super freezing pics. At that time it had dropped to about 5F as it often does in NYC in winter. But a friend of mine, one who fancied herself a photographer, came over to my place and offered to take some pics of me. So naturally I jumped at the chance. That led to me out in a red cocktail dress, freezing my butt off for some pretty good photos. 

Earlier this month, after I had gotten my new little black dress, I decided that I needed that weather be damned, I was going to go out and take some pictures, with the skyline of NYC as a backdrop. So, I threw on my favorite pair of heels, hung my coat on a nearby fence post, and proceeded to take some pictures.

For these pictures I went out by myself and used a new blue tooth camera remote that I had picked up. Like any photo shoot, I took a few hundred shots once I had found some decent lighting. I was actually standing right under a yellow streetlight. I thought it made for a nice effect, with me in warm yellow and the background a dark blue. 


While I was taking photos, a random stranger came up and asked if I needed help taking pictures. It was a woman so I was creeped out. This has happened many times before. It's NYC so there are few if any places in public where one can take photos in private. It's crawling with people. And this has happened before.

My usual response is to politely say "no thanks," but I also think it's funny. To me it's the most normal thing in the world to go out and take tons of photos by myself. I've been doing it for ages after all. I guess it might seem a little weird to other people. Thankfully I'm not the only weirdo in NYC who doesn't care what people think about me.

Sadly, I still haven't had a chance to wear this dress out. Perhaps I'll have a chance coming up in 2018. Well, maybe spring of 2018 so I don't freeze my butt off.

Happy holidays, everyone! 


  1. Happy Holidays, Faith. Great photos and you look beautiful!

    Are you using a smart phone or a camera? If a smart phone, do you use a tripod?

    1. Hi Stana, Merry Happy! These photos were taken with a smart phone. And yes, I use a tripod, a little one. If you go on amazon there are a bunch of options. Mine is about 8" high with bendy legs and it came with a remote.

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  3. Your smile and sexy legs make the skyline pale
    Happy Holidays