Thursday, July 14, 2016

NYC Staycation Fun Part 2

Okay, one fun thing about taking time off work and enjoying New York is that you can meet up with your friends post-work for happy hour! See, until I can manage to come out at work, this is the next best thing to just having a normal life as a woman. Plus I just really, really want to be out at work already. For one, I would rather be out as who I am and show up every day as a happy woman instead of an awkward guy. Going out to happy hour as a woman at least lets me pretend I was at the office all day, just a processional New York woman helping to keep the economy running.

Also, it's super hot and gross in NYC right now and this handy little graphic I made pretty much also sums up why I'd like to be able to be out at work:

Now, I'm not saying women get all the perks or anything. I'm not a red pill, men's rights idiot or anything like that (obviously). But, it would be nice to not only be myself but also be way more comfortable on hot days. In the meantime, I just pretend I was at work all day and then go out to happy hour with my friends.  

Those aren't my friends in the background. I arrived first and am waiting. 
On my last Friday of my vacation, we hit Reichenbach Hall, a German beer garden type place in Midtown. Generally I avoid that area because around 6pm places get insanely crowded. But, luckily it wasn't too crowed at all. Win! We thought about eating there, but the food didn't look that great, so instead we headed out to one of my favorite little dinner spots in the East Village, Cafe Orlin.

Hiding from the paparazzi. 
It was Friday night, we were in Manhattan and the night was young. So what do you do? You stop by Jefferson Market to take photos in the twilight!

That's not a red light. I am actually stopping traffic. 

Actually, we decided to head to Stone Wall Inn. It had just been declared a National Monument a couple days before and why not go drink at a National Monument? 

The amazing thing about Stonewall Inn is that it's still just a bar. It's this huge, important piece of American history but it's not a memorial or a statue or a museum. It's still just a place to hang out with friends and play pool or enjoy an overpriced drink. It's still alive. It's still vibrant. It's still important to the community. It's a symbol of defiance. It's a place where they charge $8 for a bottle of Blue Moon. C'mon! That's way to high.

Ah well. Paying too much but you're in an amazing place? Yeah, that pretty much sums up NYC. 

My vacation sadly had to come to an end, but my summer calendar is already booked full with lots of crazy adventures. It's so fun to be a gender rebel! 

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