Monday, June 17, 2019

Milestones and Frustrations

Today's a big day for me! Today I cross the threshold. You see, as of today I have been working at my job as me (the real feminine me) longer than I have worked as my old (more masculine) self! Exciting.

Back in September of 2016 I had my first, nerve wracked conversation with Human Resources. And I still need to get my Lorde "Bravado" tattoo that I had promised myself. In November of that year I started working as the real me. It was a decision that required a lot of courage and a huge leap of faith. But I'm so glad I did it. In retrospect it seems like it has been no big deal. But the anticipation of it was scary to say the least. It's been really fantastic though.

And today marks that point where I have officially been working here longer as me than as old boy me. Exciting! A real reason to celebrate.

In other news, my fight to get my insurance company to pay for facial feminization surgery continues without an end in sight. I've moved my potential surgery date back to late summer. From what I understand they have denied my second appeal. That means that I will be pursuing an external appeal with the help of legal counsel.

Of course doing that requires getting a written notice of the appeal denial. Five or six calls and I'm still trying to get my hands on that written notice. It's frustrating to say the least, especially with a surgery date looming. And people wonder why I'm a socialist. Ah well. We keep up the good fight because there's nothing else to do.

Except to stop sometimes to celebrate big milestones. :)


  1. Such a happy day. Congratulations Faith. You look lovely!

  2. Way to go! Great pic, by the way. :c)

    == Cass

  3. Congratulations on having the resolve to carry through with this Brooke. I'm from an older generation who was more hesitant and I look upon you with admiration for not letting things get in your way

  4. good luck on the appeals sorry it has to be such a pain and source of frustration for you.
    Sometimes ok most times "the System"cks