Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Top Surgery

Here we go again. It seems like my facial feminization surgery was yesterday. In fact I'm still healing from that surgery. Yet here I am about to go under the knife again. In less than two weeks I'll be getting my top surgery.

This surgery is a lot less scary than FFS was. For one, I've now been through a pretty involved surgery. So nothing is going to be a surprise this time around. Top surgery is actually a much, much simpler procedure in terms of surgical complexity and in terms of recovery. I should be able to go back to work in less than a week. And though I won't be able to do heavy lifting or jogging for a while, it shouldn't be too bad a recovery.

Heck, my biggest worry is that I'll give into the temptation to post pics before I'm fully healed. Breast implants take a while (two weeks to three months) to drop into place. And I will be super tempted to post lots of pics before they settle and look normal. We'll see how it goes.

The biggest thing that my top surgery will impact is whether or not I choose to go ahead with GRS as scheduled. As is I've planned three surgeries in the span of only nine months. Now, medically it's probably fine. My doctors have signed off on it after all. But I worry that I might be taxing my body and my spirit a bit too much.

The FFS recovery, while not painful or gross really, was harder than I expected. And I know GRS is going to be even harder than that. A part of me is like, great, let's get it all over in one nine month period. But another part of me is like, maybe my body shouldn't be put through all this so quickly. I don't know.

My breast augmentation surgery will help determine my future course. Maybe it'll be a breeze and I'll have six good months of recovery before GRS. Or maybe it'll be hard and I'll be so sick of doctors and hospitals that I'll want to push GRS back another year. We'll see. I sure as heck don't know right now.

Well, either way, I'm excited for top surgery. I think it'll go a long way toward helping with dysphoria and body image. Wish me luck.


  1. Faith -

    Good luck with all of your surgeries. Hopefully, you'll have everything you want from your surgeries. It is the road less traveled. But from what you have posted so far, you are doing fine.


  2. best wishes hope things go well
    You are looking beautiful