Friday, April 21, 2017

Snow Days (Pics)

Life in NYC has it benefits.There's our beautiful skyline, a bajillion food options featuring the best of the world's cuisines, world-class museums, theatre and arts, a multitude of live music options that'll leave your ears ringing for days, lovely parks, history, new neighborhoods to explore, people who are accepting of weirdos like me. It's great to live here.

Except for one thing - the weather. NYC has the worst weather. It's cold and dark for half the year, it's scorched and humid for the other half and it rains constantly. We probably have around seven or eight perfect days each year. And of course those'll always happen on weekdays when you have important projects at work.

But, bad weather isn't all bad. Sometimes it can bring unexpected fun. That's right. The snow day. Snow days are great because you get up and suddenly don't have to go to work that day. And unlike a sick day you don't have that nagging Calvinist guilt about taking off (does everyone get that or is it just me?). It's usually too gross to go outside, you can't order in food, and you're basically just stuck in your house for a good ten or twelve long hours.

This year I ended up getting two surprise snow days. Because I'm me, my first thought was "Let's play around with makeup and get pictures!" Yes, that's what I did. Actually, the weekend before some friends of mine and I had gone thrifting all over the city and I'd found some great items like my new jean jacket and a perfect black A-line skirt from Theory. First thing, show those off for some nice pics!

Also picked up a new work skirt too. Because you can never have too many skirts. Then again, I actually have all my skirts doubled up on skirt hangers so maybe I do have too many. 

In my drawer, I had a pair of false eyelashes and though I didn't have anywhere to go, I thought it would be fun to try them out. Long, long ago I did fake eyelashes a lot more. But I lost interest after a few days pics' were completely ruined by me having applied one the lashes incorrectly. Luckily, this time I managed okay so I might try again some another time.

Also I thought it would be fun to try out one of my absolute favorite dresses. It's red, white and black chiffon and feels fantastic to wear. Unfortunately it's a little too dressy for work and it really only works in warm weather. But, I'm crazy, so I thought a snow day would be a fun time to try it out. So I did and also added in my Coach heels, which I also absolutely love, even though I can't quite wear them all day. Kath was nice enough to take some pics while I mugged for the camera.

When I attend the Spring Fever event at Callen-Lorde, I'm thinking of this outfit. Of course, that event is after work, so I'm not quite sure if I should wear this dress the whole day at work or try to change in the bathroom or what. No matter what I do, I'll definitely change into my heels outside the party so I can walk over in comfy shoes. 

Of course, Kath and I decided that, since we were looking pretty cute, we should make some Gender Rebels videos. We did and aren't quite sure what to do with them yet. Maybe a Patreon page goodie if we ever start a Patreon page. 

And of course because I'm crazy, we went out in a snow for a couple of pictures. And yes, I did this without a coat. Because, as I mentioned, I am crazy.

Then we later donned all our winter great because, while I am crazy, I'm not that crazy. 

Well, I hope you, my dear readers, don't mind this giant wall of photos. But I had a bunch and thought'd share. Hope you enjoyed them and don't worry, I'll post walls of text in the future too.


  1. Hmm must admit didn't read your blog sorry
    now the confession loved your pics you have such pretty eyes nice shoes bet your toes got cold in the snow. love the red and black dress. You have lovely style and are BEAUTIFUL