Friday, May 18, 2018

Modelling Pics

While I have yet to get any professional modeling or acting gigs (despite two auditions and one callback), the photographer who did my head shots sent me a ton of the pictures from the shoot I did with him. Now, I don't love them all. Quite frankly I'm still a little annoyed that he kept making me put my hair out of my face. Dang it, man! I like my hair in my face. Otherwise I look like I have a giant pumpkin for a head. Ah well. Despite this there were some beautiful shots. So I thought I would share some of my favorites. 


  1. You are beautiful

  2. Faith, honestly... if this is how you looked when you get clocked, then let me be the first to say there is no justice. You look so wonderful, so clearly at ease, so (well, Kath had this first) hot! I know your profile says you don't have any superpowers, but you need to update that... you, girl, are Stunning Woman!!

    (Love you two... I have so much admiration for the work you're doing, how much you are helping our community, and the way you both make open honesty seem the most natural way to be. You're changing our world... so much for the better - thank you!!)

    KC Tyler (huge fan!)

    1. Thank you, KC. Glad you're enjoying the podcast.