Friday, August 21, 2015

Getting Dressed Up for Some Face-time

At this point in my life, I have a few friends who only know me as Faith. They've met me, hung out, friended me on Facebook as Faith and have never known me any other way. This is great for me, because I love being able to interact with people without any male baggage being brought along. On the other hand, this can be a bit tricky, as I have to remember who only knows me as Faith and make sure I never accidentally hangout with them in guy mode. This a fun conundrum.

My friend Christin is one of these people. She now lives in DC, but we've been trying to come up with something to collaborate on, maybe a short film or a feature. Who knows. She knows a lot of people and is great with networking, fundraising and all that stuff that I'm terrible at. Mostly I've been writing (or trying to write as people keep coming up and visiting and taking away all my free time).

So Christin and I chat on Facebook or text. But sometimes we Face-time, and I literally have to schedule our Face-time sessions to make sure that I'm a girl for those. Yesterday was one such occasion.

Earlier in the week, I'd found a yellow eyelet LOFT dress on eBay. Yellow? Yes, yellow. It's a color I dislike and probably my least favorite. But, at one point purple was one of my least-favorite colors until I tried on a purple Ralph Lauren dress that was pure perfection. Actually, on a shopping trip to the Macy's flagship store in Manhattan, I'd tried on what I thought was a particularly silly yellow Calvin Klein dress. In fact, I only tried it because I thought it utter ridiculous.

Remember that style from a few years back? The dress is like one molded piece of plastic with the skirt bowed out like that permanently. I seem to recall that once Emma Stone looked okay in one. Needless to say the style didn't catch on. If Emma Stone can barely pull it off, what chance is there for the rest of us?

So I posted this one up on Flickr and people loved it! Everyone said the color looked great on me. How weird. And so the next time I went shopping I found another yellow GUESS dress to try on.

This one I could actually wear out. Sadly, it was too expensive for me to get. But, people loved this one even more than the first and I determined to find a yellow dress.

LOFT is a company I like, and I know my sizes there, so I went on eBay to search for a yellow LOFT dress or maybe something from Banana  Republic. And so I got one that fit perfectly.

And, the first chance I got was to wear it to FaceTime with my friend.

Unfortunately, FaceTime is not something I'm too used, especially considering that video phones are really something from the future like rayguns and jetpacks. But I managed okay. Honestly, I prefer to chat. Ah well. At least I think I looked pretty. Yes, it may seem a little silly to get dressed up just for a FaceTime chat, but then again, I'm always looking for a good excuse. 

While I did go out a little bit, my iPhone didn't give me much of an opportunity to take a full length shot of the yellow, but I'm hoping to get one soon. Maybe next week. <3 

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