My Female Role Models

Generally cis girls grow up being taught what society expects of a woman. Whether its conscious or not, cis girls learn all about being a girl from the people around them - mothers, teachers, caretakers, advertising and society. In our culture men are also not the least bit quiet about what they expect a woman to be.

For transgender girls, it's a little different. We aren't overtly taught how to be women and so we're quite often forced to learn it on our own. For me growing up, I remember feeling terrible that the women in my life often seemed subservient to the men, suborning their own egos, opinions and needs, often for the sake of the men in their lives. I remember feeling really awkward, for instance, at family Thanksgivings, when the men would go off and watch TV while the women were all expected to spend their whole day cooking and cleaning. I didn't like that but I also knew not to speak up about it.

I also tended to learn about being what it meant to be a woman from the pop culture I consumed. And maybe because of the subservience I saw, I was always drawn to outspoken, even rebellious women. Those women I saw on TV, or whose music I listened to helped shape for me another idea of what it meant to be a woman, an idea that wasn't always evident in my family's life. I realized that a woman could be powerful, smart, brash and still be feminine. 

So I wanted to share some of my own writings on those female characters and real people who helped me develop my own understanding of femininity. These are some of my female role models. 

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