Tuesday, September 11, 2018

American Transgirl - Now Better Than Ever

The reviews are in and my latest novel American Transgirl has gotten some great praise. Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed it. 

"I like the author, but this story was full of typos and misspellings." 

"There are some typos."

"I just wish it was edited better because I kept finding spelling and grammar errors." 

Oh crap. Well, you'll be pleased to know that, thanks to the help of a good friend, I was able to purge the novel of its typos and misspellings! It's been updated for both the print and Kindle editions. And here are some actually good reviews: 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's very down to earth, slice of life. If your idea of a good time is crawling into a good story and experiencing the world through the eyes and soul of a sympathetic protagonist, I think you'll find this book just what you're looking for." 

"This is just a wonderful story of love and personal growth, set in the context of gender transition...I highly recommend this fine memoir."

"This was a joy to read. It's nice to see a book about a transgender person that's written by someone who has experienced all of these things. It was sweet and heartfelt, but also heartbreaking at parts. She does an amazing joy of showing you the real life struggles people with gender dysphoria are going through every day. Whether you're trans, cis, or something in between; whether you know a trans person, or just want to know more about them, I could not recommend this book more." 

American Transgirl is a funny, heartfelt story that explores the confusion, dysphoria, longing, and curiosity felt by transgender people as they struggle to figure out who they are, where they fit in the world, and who will accept them as they are.  Transition is, ultimately, only one part of a larger life filled with the search for acceptance, fulfillment, love, and a place to call home. 

Paperpack Edition for $9.99

Kindle Edition for $1.99

American Transgirl tells the story of Matt who has spent his whole life wishing he could be a girl. As a high school student in suburban Georgia during the Nineties, he is able to take his first steps towards figuring out who he really is when he starts  at a new school and meets Michelle. With his new friend by his side, Matt begins exploring local gay bars and discovering more about his own transgender feelings.

Life gets even more confusing when he moves to New York and falls for Erin, a struggling artist and lesbian. Matt must decide if an ordinary life as a normal guy could work, or if his whole life has been leading toward transition.

Also, be sure and check out my other novel Falling in LikeIt's something of a romantic comedy, but I wanted to do my own subversive take on the genre. Romance movies seem to always end with that first passionate kiss, then cue music and roll credits, right? Really that first kiss is just the start and most of the time it's not happily ever after. I tried to tell an honest, funny story about how real relationships work. They're fun, frustrating, funny, awkward and sometimes infuriating, but mostly worth it in the end.

Paperback Edition for $8.99

Kindle Edition $0.99

If you've enjoyed my blog, videos, or podcast, please check them both out. I think you'll enjoy my fiction as well. 


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    1. Thanks for reading and for the video. I have found a few helpful videos over the years. Generally though I just recommend that people practice. It's less fun than the "one simple trick" we all want, but it works. If a structure (like that class) works to keep your nonpracticing, and you have cash to spend on it, then I say go for it.