Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gender Rebels Podcast: Internalized Transphobia


  1. I listened to your podcast yesterday for the first time. I was experiencing a lot of dysphoria when I woke up so I assumed the show would be positive/supportive and could help with that. Instead shortly after I listened to it I was on my way home contemplating walking in front of a train. It just made me hate myself more.

    To quote you:

    "appear like a guy but want to be called Bethany"

    "trans girls who are like not bothering to do anything with their voice or you know slap some eyeliner and a ponytail, bottom ponytail, not a top ponytail and like you know not bothering to do anything with their voice and that's it. And still kind of act very masculine....taking up space or talking over other people or being very opinionated, and I see that and I think come on try harder."

    I think "come on try harder" is on par with telling a clinically depressed person to smile or suck it up. It's not always as easy as that.

    You should really be more cognizant of the people listening to your show. Not everyone has the tools to cope with being trans or even the ability to transition. People are in different stages of their journey and reckless comments like yours could be the trigger that puts a person over the edge. It's fine to profess to be a misanthrope but it is not a free pass to be an asshole.

    Is the purpose of your podcast to garner likes, downloads, adulation or is it based on how you use your voice (however that may sound) to truly help/support those who can't help themselves right now?

  2. First off, thanks for listening. You are absolutely right that not everyone has the ability to transition. Our goal is never to make anyone feel bad about themselves.

    When recording I tried to make it clear that there are momentary thoughts that I have and that I know they are wrong. As I said in the episode, these are my own moments of being a shit. This is not a part of myself that I am happy about, proud of, or that I would encourage any other person to emulate. As we mention on the show, this is pure projection, a negative emotion, and it is something that one has to overcome with reason. When I have negative gut reactions to people, I work to overcome that.

    My hope was that my admitting my own weaknesses, that that might help other people who experience similar weaknesses.

    Perhaps on the next episode we will reiterate what was meant by that part of the conversation.

    Thank you for writing and for being willing to call us out.


  3. Hi Faith,

    I'm sorry for my comments this morning. They were not fair to you. Some of the things said in your podcast hit too close to home and I displaced my anger on you. Sorry.

    1. Not a problem at all. We want to be called out if we're in the wrong. We used to have a joke intro about how we never make mistakes. And we got rid of that specifically because we wanted people to call us out if we did. Thank you so much. And I hope you'll give us another chance.