Monday, October 16, 2017

How to Halloween for Transgirls

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year. Not only is there an abundance of candy and there are plenty of opportunities to party. Plus, you get to dress up in a costume and be whoever you want! Maybe that's why transgender people, gender-queer people, and crossdressers love October so much. When you're not out to the people in your life, Halloween gives you a chance to dip your toe in so to speak. You can present with your preferred gender expression in a safe and accepting environment. And for one night you get to be your real self without anyone judging you. It's amazing. It cab be your transgender Halloween costume adventure.

Before I was out, I spent at least two Halloweens where my costume was "a girl." So, that is of course one option if you're still not comfortable being out. All you have to do for that is to dress up and then go out. It's so nice because you have the safety of being able to laugh it off if you need to. "Ha ha. What a silly thing for me to dress up and look beautiful. Ha ha." For many of us, this is our first time actually presenting in public or with friends and family. And as everyone who has worn this "costume" can tell you, it feels wonderful.

If you're already out, or if you want to step up your game, you can wear a women's Halloween costume. I would venture that I'm not the only one who saw cis girls out in their cute costumes and felt a pang of intense jealousy. Little skirts, petticoats, thigh highs, crazy makeup, who wouldn't want to want to join in? There are so many fun options.

In general, I enjoy making my own costumes, but let's face it, sewing is not for everyone and sometimes you get that last minute party invite and may only have a day or two to find a costume. So if you're planning to go the store-bought route, here's some things that'll hopefully help you to look your absolute best for both tricks and treats.

A-line costumes or costumes with petticoats will help give you a feminine silhouette and the illusion of hips. Thankfully there are a lot of options for Halloween costumes with A-line skirts. It's practically the default after all.

Supergirl Costume

Just remember that a lot of times the photos on the package are going to show the costume being worn with a petticoat. But the petticoat's probably not in the package! You have to buy it separately if you want to achieve the same look.

Red Riding Hood Costume

Your sexy little red riding hood costume or sexy systems analyst costume isn't going to look right unless you buy one these too. But, as someone who has owned a petticoat, they are quite fun. 

Ursala Petticoat

If you're self-conscious about your body shape, you may want to stay away from skin tight costumes. Yes, I know, they are going to look so great in the package illustration and of course you want to look fantastic.
Catwoman Outfit

But, remember, these are basically just full body tights and leave little to the imagination. So, hey, if you're bold and want to do it, then yeah, wear a kick ass skin tight costume. But, for a lot of people, you might want to remember that the picture is a professional model who probably hasn't eaten carbs in a decade and then on top of that she's Photo-shopped. 

Cortana Costume

If you're self-conscious about your shoulders, you might want to avoid outfits that might make your shoulders look larger, say with giant poofy princess sleeves. Of course, we all want to be princesses (and many of us are really princesses on the inside and always have been), but I know I personally dislike outfits that make me feel "big."  

Fairy Godmother Costume

One other thing to consider about a costume is your own movement. A gigantic poofy gown, while awesome and beautiful may end up being a drag at a crowded party or heck even while trying to get in a car. Yes, it would be totally beautiful and if you want to wear it because it makes you feel beautiful, then yes, rock that dress. But just be warned you'll be saying "Sorry, excuse me" a lot. 

Cinderella Dress

If you're gonna rock some high heels, be sure and have a pair of flats on hand. After hours of trick-or-treating or partying, you're dogs are going to be barking. Bring a bag that's big enough to allow you to stash some nice flats for later in the evening. Your feet will thank you. 

Always remember that the sizes for store bought costumes are estimated. Caveat emptor. Some stores may allow you to try costumes on. When it doubt go with the larger size. Be sure and ask if you're unsure about what size to get. Also, read the package carefully. Items in the photo, such as shoes and accessories, may not be in the package. Also, you don't want to accidentally get a dog costume. Again. 

Who Doesn't Love Dog Costumes?

But of course, these are only suggestions. The fun of Halloween is that you can be whoever you want to be, even if it does involve a costume with big shoulders.

Civil War Nurse Costume

Or for some reason you want to be a Civil War nurse. Though hey, props to the costume company for finally realizing that nurses are medical professionals and not sex objects.

Now get out there, b the awesome you you've always known you are, be safe, and have fun!

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