Friday, May 19, 2017

Callen-Lorde's Spring Fever

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center holds a special place in my heart. Ever since my first visit, when I was scared and confused about healthcare and how to get hormones, I've been as outspoken as I can in my praise for for them. They do great work. Seriously, they provide health care to some of the most marginalized groups in American society; LGBTQ people, especially the youth and those who are homeless or unable to pay. As someone who is sincerely appreciative of their work and has the ability to pay, I try to support Callen-Lorde financially when I can. 

My partner Kath and I have done a few events at Callen-Lorde in the past. The most recent one was a few weeks ago; Spring Fever. It was a event honoring influential women who have positively impacted LGBTQ communities in New York and beyond. I felt insanely super honored to be invited onto the host committee for this event. Especially since I got my name on a poster! 

Like most large events though, Kath and I are generally unsure what to do with ourselves. As a couple of serious introverts, we're not particularly good at mingling or networking. Mostly, we just stand around enjoying what appetizers pass us by, getting a drink here or there, and strategizing about how we can begin mingling. We strategize, but never actually mingle. We're idea people, not action people. Also, I take selfies. 

I mean, there's good light. I'm only human after all (a vain human, but human nonetheless). This night I was super excited to go out because for one thing it was going to be warm enough for dress weather. Also, because a friend of mine had just gifted me a ton of super good, high quality makeup. The Urban Decay shadow pallets were some of my favorites, but she also gave me some great items for contouring and the perfect, absolutely perfect neutral lip. Though, I should say it's perfect for work. For an event like this I wanted to shine with some bolder lip color.

Yes, I even went out and bought fake lashes. After my bad experiences with them (mostly caused by me putting them on crookedly), I hadn't done fake lashes in forever. For Spring Fever though, I bought some and was planning on rocking them. Unfortunately, that plan involved me being dexterous enough to actually apply them properly. After gluing one eyelid shut  and nearly ruining my eyeliner with glue smudges, I gave up and went ahead with my natural lashes. They were covered in Very Black mascara obviously, but at least they weren't pieces of plastic glued to my eyelids. Maybe one day I'll be able to pull them off again, and when I say, pull them off, I really mean put them on. 

Still, I thought I looked pretty cute. I even saved a brand new wig for the event so my hair would look its best. The one I got was my new favorite red color, but I think it's perhaps a little too curly for my taste. I'll probably switch again to a new look at least once or twice more before wigs become totally obsolete.

Also, besides one of my favorite dresses, I wore my 4" Coach heels. Actually, I didn't wear them to the event or after the event. As I was walking to the event in comfy sandals, I found a nearby stoop and switched to the heels. Four hours in heels was trying, to say the least. While I think these heels make my legs look great and make my feet look small, they also make me a giant. I'm already tall and adding four inches puts me into WNBA territory. Hence my towering over the fairly tall for a cis-girl Kath in our runway shots. 

Kath insisted on a superhero pose. 
Still, it was a great time, even if we didn't really make any new friends. Maybe next time we'll remember to make some Gender Rebels promotional cards so we can at least plug our podcast to everyone there. You know, so we can make the event all about us.  

Actually, Kath and I both support Callen-Lorde and its mission. So much so, that when we discussed getting some Gender Rebels merchandise, we thought it might be better to give the proceeds away rather than keep it for our greedy, greedy selves. So, as we have some extra transgender pride flags (you have to order them by the dozen), we are giving away personalized signed flags to anyone who donates to Callen-Lorde and sends us proof.  

Click below to donate! 

Also, one quick note I want to make. Yes, I am holding wine glasses full of wine in these pictures. But these were all taken before I stopped drinking completely. This was during my two-a-day cool down before abstaining entirely. I just knew someone would comment if I didn't say anything. I'm still going strong on day 19 without alcohol. 


  1. love your look. Great dress and nice heels.
    hard to believe two beautiful women didn't make new friends.

    1. Thanks, Missy. It's just how introverts work at parties. :)

  2. Faith -

    I figured that these pictures were taken before you stopped. But I also thought that you might have been drinking "Mocktinis" that night.

    Love the pics! Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks, Marian! Right now my beverage of choice is seltzer and lime. Lost 5lbs aleady!