Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gender Rebels Podcast: Transitioning Later in Life

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  1. Wow what a great podcast as always! Erica gave your site a HUGE shoutout at the beginning of the interview!She might have oversold it, but who cares because it's all free advertising for Gender Rebels!

    Listening to Erica's interview just proves how you don't need to transition young to be successful at it! Yeah sure we all want to transition as young as possible, but that's not always realistic. To hear how Erica had to struggle for 40+ years tells you a lot! I'm 33 now and transitioning later in life is more important than hearing how someone already did it by my age.

    It was also great to hear her describe her wonderful experience at the 2015 Twin Cities Pride Parade! I've never attended it, but I live nearby now. That's great that she had such a positive experience there!

    I also loved her shoutout to Hannah McKnight and the Minnesota T-Girls support group! I know you provided me their website in a earlier response & that's how I found out about them. I'm in the process of contacting Hannah and seeing how I can possibility can join them in a monthly gathering sometime.

    For future podcast topics maybe you could do one on what's it's like to either be married, or use to be married to a transgender spouse. I'm mentioning this because recently I checked out this book at my local library & it was discussing this same topic. It's titled: A Little Thing Called Life & it's written by Linda Thompson.

    She is the 2nd wife of Bruce Jenner. While the first half of the book was about how she used to live with Elvis at Graceland before he died, the second half was about the time she was married to Bruce Jenner. It gets real fascinating when she describes how she (Caitlyn) came out to her! If you get a chance you should check it out sometime.