Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gender Rebels Podcast: THE Surgery

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  1. Like usual a wonderful podcast. You may have touched on these two reasons why some of us chose not to get "The Surgery".

    First is the extensive physiological assessment. At 54 years old I personally don't feel I should need to ask for permission.

    Second is the real life test. To life full time would have a horribly dramatic impact on my life and lively hood.

    I have been on hormones for over 15 yrs, most people around me do not have a clue. But it has completely changed my life. Since starting hormones I no longer go to bed ever night wishing I wouldn't wake up. I know the surgery would continue to help my self fulfillment even if no one else knows. I know I am a female, I do not need validation from the outside world. Unfortunately my responsibilities do not allow me to life full time as a would like.