Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gender Rebels Podcast Episode 7: From Fabulous Crossdresser to Normal Girl

We now turn to listener mail to answer Petra's question; When a transgender woman who once identified as a crossdresser transitions and begins  to spend more time presenting in preferred mode, do they lament the loss of dressing "up"? How does it feel trading heels and skirts for jeans and flats? Petra writes "Thing is, really, normal would require me to learn how to walk in flats, wear simple jeans and t-shirts and go without smoldering eyes. I just do not feel ready for that. The heels, the skirts, the make-up, the everything is a big part of me.Thing is, I am running out of environments where my "normal" dressed up is the norm." So how does one handle that part of transition? 

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  1. I'm full time for just over a month now and yup, everyday woman is quite a new challenge. Going to work has been a big hurdle. I'm doing it! Two full weeks! Six of the ten days so far ~ full makeup, wear-to-work-style dress, heels. I've figured I should be serious and convincing. But I also have done a much more casual jeans, college polo shirt, & Sketchers look for lab day. Simpler makeup too. It worked, but I have a lot to learn. Thanks for this discussion, it's spot on for me.

    1. Hi Erica, would love to hear more about your coming out and first few weeks at work!

    2. So far it's going well! I'm amazed every day. I look forward to leaving the house each morning, dressed and ready to go. I feel so much better about myself. I'll take some pictures and maybe shoot some video...