Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Videos: Flying While Transgender, Sneezing and Healthcare in America

Made some new videos. Hope you enjoy! And if you do enjoy them, please tell your friends about them. Then write to your congresspersons and maybe have them send me some of that pork barrel cash congress is always doling out like fat cats. Or just watch the videos. Whatever works for you. 

My Experience Flying While Transgender

My Experience Sneezing While Transgender 

Solving America's Healthcare Crisis


  1. Faith, your experience has been mine and I have flown pretty dozens of times. You should check out the TSA's transgender webpage. The last time I was there, they speak to breast forms. The regulations in place for prosthetic devices doesn't say that men can't wear them. I have always done so along with foam hip pads. In my opinion, you did the absolutely right thing about tucking. It is my guess that those that have had problems probably didn't tuck well. The back-scatter machine needs the operator to indicate the gender of the person in the machine. If they hit female and something is occupying a spot between your legs that they are not expecting, they are going to check it out. So the more you can make it blend in, the better off you are. So, next time try going with all of your padding and enjoy the flight. I know I have every time I have flown.

    1. Hi Leann, yes I checked the transgender page on TSA and there's even a link on my first post about flying while trans ( While you're totally right that prosthetic devices are allowed, I was pretty keen to avoid any issues whatsoever. I mean, sure, stuff is allowed, but do you really want to have to sit there and argue TSA policy with a guy while armed agents start to slowly surround you?

      As for the female/male button...I hope they picked female. I have no idea, though they did have a female agent come up to pat check my bra hooks, so maybe I got female. Hopefully.