Sunday, November 29, 2015


Back in 2006, I put my first video up on YouTube. Back then, YouTube was still new (can you believe it ever was?) and I was frustrated that all the crossdresser videos up on then were just silent videos of people walking back and forth or smoking. Seriously, that's all there was. So, I set out to try and make some funny videos that would be about crossdressing and transgender topics as well as just silly videos. People seemed to like them so I kept making more.

When I was really into "Thoughts from My Head," as I called my video series I put up videos weekly and ended up doing almost a hundred different videos. And they were of varying levels of quality. But I had fun doing them and, like I said, people seemed to enjoy them. I ended up getting several million views and I hope I at least helped inspire people to realize that transgender and crossdressing videos could be funny and honest and fun. 

Nowadays people have done so much more than I ever hoped to and I love that there's a medium for so many gender variant people to express themselves and be heard. 

In the end, I took down all my videos, feeling that I'd entered into another phase of my life and was ready to move on from them. I regret doing that (mostly because I lost all my view tallies), so in the past few years I've put a few of the old ones back up and added a few little new ones and here and there, when I felt like recording. It's definitely not the type of studio machine I was running back in the day, but sometimes it's still fun to record something. 

Here's some of my older ones I put up again. It's sort of fun for me to watch these again, because on the one hand, I'm like "I used to be skinny! Must get skinny again!" but on the other hand, I'm like "Why was my voice so bad? Was I even trying?" Ah well. Memory lane is nice, but also full of potholes. 

Hope you enjoy them and be sure and check out my channel too! 

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