Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunset Photos

On a recent trip out shopping, I found this amazing lace dress at LOFT. In the stores I've been to, they have fitting rooms, then an open area within the fitting room area where they have the big three mirrors set up. Some of the LOFT stores even have heels you can borrow to complete the look. When I go shopping, there are a few categories of clothes. Firstly, there are clothes that don't fit at all or look terrible. Then there are those that fit, but I'm just not into. Often I'll snap a few quick photos of these just to share online (especially if the dress in question is silly). The third group are those dresses that look fantastic on me. For those, I like to snap a bunch of photos and I'll actually leave the dressing room. Sometimes to go check them out in the three mirrors. Sometimes I'll actually just wear the dress around the store for a while (after all, it's not theft until you actually try and leave the store right?).

This lace dress was one I totally wore out of the fitting room! I loved it! Yes, I totally loved it! And, since I had a $25 LOFT coupon, I decided to get it. What do you think?

How could you not like that booty? 

Another mirror selfie. 

Also, here's a tip you should totally take advantage of...sign up for your favorite store's promotional email list, but wait until you have a bigger purchase you're ready to make. You'll usually get something like a 20% off coupon just for giving them you email. Then you can either unsubscribe (or for gmail let them go to the "promotional" inbox where they're easily ignored. Smart retailers though, will tend to send out some really good deals once in a while. The deal I got from LOFT was just a free $25, though it worked. They got me to buy a dress I might not have otherwise purchased. Ah well. Though, they totally got me, so maybe you shouldn't be taking tips from me. 

I took the new tripod I recently got at a tag sale (take that, corporate America - you don't control me after all!) down to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It was one of the last few warm days before winter, but daylight was fading quickly. Luckily, I managed to snap a few shots before the sun set entirely.

Oddly enough, I got no weird looks, though there were a group of about eight teenagers hanging out on a nearby bench and I spent this whole time secretly hoping they wouldn't notice me. They didn't, even with the flash photography. So all is well with the world!

You totally can't tell in these photos, but the dress is actually dark green. It's super comfortable and I love the way it feels! I can't wait to wear it again in nicer weather!

Here's a couple bonus selfies I took when I got home. I like to smile in my photos, but I love how sort of glum and/or annoyed I look in these. Not really sure why I had that expression, it's not like I was in a bad mood, but I like them either way.


  1. I hear ya about getting all those discounts! No sense in paying full price! :)

    Love those evening shots! :)