Saturday, November 21, 2015

Showing Off My New Jeans

My love of dresses is well known. I love how free it feels to wear to dress on a beautiful day, the feel of the fabric as it moves about your legs, the feel of the breeze, the gentle and delicate way it all moves. It's liberating. 

But, girls don't always wear dresses or skirts, right? Okay, some girls do. Mostly their Amish or Orthodox Jewish or belong to other restrictive and/or crazy misogynist religions. Once I did date a girl for a year and only ever once saw her in pants. It was a little weird to see her in pants that one time. She was a serious fashionista though and luckily not in a cult or anything.

Okay so, now that I've offended everyone, let me just say that I really love skirts and dresses. But, when I go out with my girlfriends, I'm pretty much always the fanciest, almost to the point of being overdressed. My friends'll pull their hair into a pony tail, throw on jeans and t-shirt and head out to the pub. Meanwhile, I'm wearing a gorgeous wig, a brand new dress and an hours' worth of makeup. One time I actually had a friend dare me to wear jeans out.

I can rock jeans. I totally can. See exhibit A: 

You see, one thing I do like about jeans is that they let me be much more casual and I feel like the more casual I am, the better I pass. So I'm not afraid to throw on jeans and a t-shirt and go out as a girl.

Recently, I've been trying to acquire some more casual outfits. I've been doing some thrift shopping, Housing Works being a favorite, but I've also been trying to find some less expensive pieces on eBay. Recently, I picked up a pair of LOFT Sexy Boot Cut jeans on eBay for super cheap. You guys know I love LOFT clothes, so these were a great find.

The other day, I wore them with a Banana Republic sweater I'd recently picked up (on sale too!) for a perfect autumn outfit. It was a chilly morning, so the jeans and a sweater seemed perfect. My plan was to head to Brooklyn Industries, to try on a dress that I had recently looked at. I figured I'd give it a second shot, then maybe head up to the Downtown Brooklyn Macy's to check out some random dresses, maybe see if there were a sexy GUESS dress or an interesting Calvin Klein shift to try on.

Okay. That plan failed. I did make it to Brooklyn Industries and I did try on the same dress. It was on sale now, $20 cheaper than the last time I'd tried it on. But it still didn't quite fit right. I liked it, but it didn't have enough boob room. It smushed my girls down and didn't fit 100% right. Still not worth the money. 

The real problem though, was that by the time I'd hit Brooklyn Industries, the thermometer had shot up almost thirty degrees. What had started as a chilly fall morning in the 40s had, by lunch time, gotten up to the mid 60s. It left me roasting. At that point I developed a new plan; head home, switch into a dress and enjoy the lovely weather while I still could! 

Ah well, the jeans'll totally work in winter. 

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