Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Out in Yellow

As I've said before, I'm a little intimidated by colors. Not by actual colors, like I won't freak out if I see a red wagon or a green apple. I mean to say that I'm intimidated by the prospect of wearing bright colors. The majority of my clothes are black or dark, and while I've bought some red dresses in the past, I've rarely worn them out and ended up selling them or getting rid of them. They were just too bold! 

So this summer, after tons of people had complimented me on some yellow dresses I'd tried on, I broke down and bought a yellow eyelet LOFT dress off eBay. It was like $15 so I figured why not? The only thing was, I never actually wore it out. Not only is it bright yellow, but it's also kind of a summer thing too. I'd thought a yellow dress might work for fall and figured I could wear it with my black boots, jean jacket and maybe a red scarf. That'd a cute autumn look right?

That didn't work.

My black boots just might end up on the curb one of these days. Here they are in a pic from a while back:

Okay. They look like go go boots. When worn with black tights, I think I can pull off the look,  but when worn with a yellow dress, black boots totally don't work. Maybe, with brown boots like these: 

Remind me to get some new brown boots, or at least try them again. Last year, when the whole boots over skinny jeans became a thing, I tried a few pairs on but didn't like how big they made my feet look. I'm a size 12 in women's shoes, so boots just make me feel like a giant with huge Frankenstein feet. But they look so good on other girls so I'll definitely have to give them another try.

In the mean time, I totally don't have any shoes that work with bright yellow. Okay, I do have some silver sandals and that's about the closest.

But, on the day I was going to try and rock the yellow, it was in the mid 60s F (18C) and not really sandal weather. Plus my last pedicure was in September and my toenail polish is so chipped and messed up that my toes look like a Pollack painting. So, I just wore my black flats.

"Hey, those shoes don't match!" - The Fashion Police and/or the Federal Bureau of Fashstigation 

The temperature has been dropping, so was so great to be able to wear a dress out one more time before winter!

Actually, I had gone out earlier in the day wearing jeans and a sweater because it was so chilly, but then by noon I was roasting, so I headed back home to throw on a dress and get out in the warmth as quickly as I could. In this latitude, this is just how it goes. No matter how you dress, you'll be freezing at one point in the day and roasting at another. Stupid latitude.  Ah well, at least the leaves look pretty.

For a bit I went out in the neighborhood and tried to get some photos, but the light was being wonky and I got pretty frustrated. Plus it was insanely windy. Like, 40 mph winds. Seriously. New York is already a windy place (that's why we call it "The Windy Apple"). Still, it was nice to just get out and feel the sun on my legs.

After it got too chilly, I decided to head back in and play around with my makeup. Normally, I try and do a basic job, but as I was going to wash my makeup off anyway, I thought it would be a fun time to try some seriously bold eyeliner with a fierce wing. I think it worked pretty well, so well in fact that I wanted to go out again just to show it off!

All in all, a good day. And next spring, I'll totally wear yellow out again! 

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