Saturday, October 17, 2015

Shopping for Fall Clothing

Okay it's definitely getting a little chillier these days, but despite the colder weather I've been going out as Faith more and more. In fact this last week I had quite a lot of Faith outings planned. 

First was a meetup group for post-work happy hour drinks. It was for ladies in the neighborhood and it was my first time meeting the girls in the group. I was super nervous about attending and even wrote the group organizer to ask if it was okay if a transgender lady came to the meetup. She was like "Of course, absolutely, can't wait to meet you!" I had a great time, met some new people and everyone was like "Hope you come out to our next meetup!" Which I am totally planning to. 

Smokey eye for a meetup group. Why not? 

The next day I had off work so my plan was to meet up with a friend of mine for lunch in Midtown. Now, this friend is super cool and she only knows me as Faith. As time goes on I've found that I've acquired more and more friends who only know me as a girl. I love it. Actually I was stressing over a good lunch place, looking up different restaurants on yelp and things. But when we met up, she was just like "Let's go to the diner." Nice and easy. I was so glad 

Actually, I was about an hour early for our lunch date. It was near Lexington and 59th where there are a bunch of places to shop including a big H&M, a huge multi-story Banana Republic and of course Bloomingdale's. I figured Banana Republic was my best bet, since I wasn't sure I was quite up for a Bloomingdale's crowd.

Earlier in the day I had stopped by LOFT because I had a $25 promotional gift card, but honestly I just didn't like much out of their current line. There were a couple of okay pieces, but nothing that wowed me. But, I really wanted to find some nice, comfy, casual clothes for fall. Banana Republic was awesome, especially their sale section.

I found a really cute, totally soft and comfy black sweater, which I ended up getting for like $25 and then two really cute skirts that were also around the same price. I was such a happy girl! 

Can't you see the happiness on my face? 

Okay that's a little better. 

So now I have another meetup group to go to next week, and a friend just invited me out for a girls' night next Friday, so I'm super excited and will have some great new clothes to wear! What can I say, being a girl is so much fun!

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