Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Dress for My Upcoming Party!

Since coming out to all my friends (almost three years ago - can you believe it?), I've really enjoyed being able to be Faith in social situations. Especially when I'm able to dress up too, which is why my cocktail parties for friends have become an annual occasion. With the third year coming up, I was really excited to try and pick up something new and fabulous too.

A while back on one my shopping trips to Macy's on 34th Street, I tried on this great Betsey Johnson dress that I absolutely loved. 

Unfortunately, I did not love the price! $138! I may be a fabulous international jet setter but I'm not made of money!

eBay to the rescue! Yeah, I've been waiting for this dress to go up for sale super cheap on eBay. Eventually it did, though I actually lost two different auctions trying to snag the dress in black.  My other option was red. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. 

Eventually, I decided to stop losing auctions and ended up getting the red. That ended up working out really well because the red was only $26! Seriously. Marked down from $138 for a savings of some sort of percent (I didn't pay attention in math class). 

Of course, that also meant I'd need a few accessories to complete the outfit. I picked up some red heels at Payless (yeah, sigh. I get Betsey Johnson dresses and Payless shoes. Damn size 12 feet! BTW- did you know Uma Thurman is a size 12 too?).

If I were going out, I'd love to have a red or silver clutch to go with it, but since I'm staying in, I'll hold off on the clutch for now. But, I do want to go to Ricky's to try and pick up one of the NYX lipsticks in a seriously bold red. And for the party I think I'll try and do good silvery smokey lid. I thought about some false lashes but the last couple of times I tried those they ended up crooked, ruining a ton of otherwise good pictures. 

Well, as soon as the dress arrived I was excited to try it on and couldn't wait. So here are a few pictures. Hope you like them!


Stay tuned for party pictures!

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