Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Transgender Rights & the TSA

So, today I was planning on posting up about day three of my recent trip, travelling as a woman. In writing about that trip on reddit, I wrote the following:

"Everyone at the TSA I dealt with was polite and professional. Crazy? I know, right?"

I was lucky is all.

Today, I read the story about 
Shadi Petosky, a transgender woman detained by TSA because of who she is. Luckily, she tweeted the entire story as it was happening so there's a record. 

Apparently, the TSA has certain scanners with a pink and a blue button. A TSA employee decides if a passenger is male or female and hits the blue button if they decide the passenger is male and the pink button if they decide the passenger is female. Then if they see anything on the scanner that doesn't match what they decided the person's gender to be, then they report an anomaly and the person is pulled aside for more invasive screening. 

It's 2015, TSA! Why are there only two buttons?! Maybe some of us aren't pink or blue, or as pink or blue as you want us to be! 

This story really saddened me, and I feel so bad for Shadi Petosky because before my recent trip, my stomach was tied in knots. I couldn't sleep the night before because I kept worrying about getting through the TSA security checkpoint as a woman. I wasn't doing anything illegal, I wasn't carrying anything dangerous, but I was worried and scared, deeply frightened that I would be subject to the same sort of harassment that Shadi Petosky received.

Shadi Petosky is a law abiding citizen, who had done nothing wrong, and was not carrying anything illegal or dangerous. The only reason she was pulled aside, treated as a suspect, humiliated and insulted, is because she is transgender. This should never happen to any person.

Please, everyone, write to the TSA here and let them know that this sort of treatment is unacceptable. You can also write to your congress-person here

This should never happen to any person! Please, please, please write and let's get this changed!

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  1. Was thinking about how much the story of your experience heartened me, when I read about hers! Too sad, awful how bipolar our security can be