Sunday, September 6, 2015

Recent Shopping Day

It's cliche as hell, but I love shopping. Probably too much, considering how dangerous it can be for your bank account. Stores really do know what they're doing. Once you see how good you look in something it can be so insanely difficult to just put it back.

My favorite spots are probably the flagship Macy's on 34th Street, but I also like Tatyana's Boutique on Bowery (formerly the Bettie Page store). Recently though, I tried a few new places and ended up liking them a lot, which means adding a few new destinations when I try and find the perfect outfit.

Here are a few of the cool things I found. First from Macy's. You can't beat Macy's selection anywhere. And the staff are pretty friendly too. My only real issue there is that there's no AC in the fitting room area which is not so great in summer.

Green Ralph Lauren dress. I loved this quite a bit. Green is one of my favorite colors and I've been longing to find the perfect dark green dress. Luckily the color is slowly coming back into fashion. 
A floral Ralph Lauren. Nice, but not quite my cup of tea. Maybe if I were ten years older and headed to church.
Pink GUESS dress. Sort of cute, but I'm not too into the color.

The same dress, but in silver/grey. This is much more my style.

Did you know Macy's has a Bridal section? So much fun!

 On this particular trip, I ended up finding a black GUESS dress I really loved. So, I ended up actually putting it on and walking around the store a little bit. Because it's not stealing if you don't try to exit the building right? I thought the sales lady at the main door to the fitting rooms would say something but she didn't bat an eye and just let me stroll right on by. I figured if she said anything I'd tell her I wanted to show my husband. That should work. But, in the end it did't even matter so I just go to stroll around the place, checking myself in the giant mirrors and fighting every urge to walk up to the register and say "I'll take this and I'm wearing it home."

Me: Excuse me, how much is this poster of this hot girl? 
Sales Clerk: That's a mirror.

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