Friday, September 4, 2015

Girl Trip

So big news! Big, terrifying news! Okay, actually it's great news, despite how nervous I am.

In just a few days I'm taking a five day trip down South to visit some friends from high school and college. That's not too terrifying, in and of itself (Republicans notwithstanding). The really fun, exciting, terrifying thing is that I'll be travelling as Faith!

From the time I leave my apartment and lock the door behind me until the time five days later when I walk back in my door, I'll be a girl the entire time! And because I'll be away from my house, there's no cis-gender safety net to fall back on. No getting bored or chickening out and throwing on jeans and a T-shirt.

The plan is to go shopping, have some good Southern food and do some girls' nights with a group of friends (only a couple which know that I've got that pesky y chromosome). Of course, this will also be the South and so even if I'm with people for most of the time, I'm still a little bit nervous. And by "a little bit nervous," read "super super super nervous."

If you're read my post Clocked, then you know I'm pretty confident in my ability to pass, and confidently pretty (I think). But there are times when I haven't. In NYC that's not really been a big deal, but I worry that in the South in might be more than just a rude comment. Heck, even rude comments I'm not too into. But there's a certain type of person (generally male) who get butt-hurt about their masculinity and have to pull the stupid "prove I'm not gay" crap. So if they see a genetic male presenting female then their first reaction is to make sure their friends understand they they are not attracted to me (even if they are. Probably especially if they are).

Yes, I'm worried about getting assaulted or attacked. But, I think (and hope) that people are generally descent and mind their own business, especially in crowded public places. I think I'll be okay. For the most part I'll either be with people I know or will be in an airport (which as we all know are super full of security).

Speaking of security, I've had to plan my wardrobe accordingly. Something tells me that my usual padding, which contains metal parts and my silicon breast forms (who knows what they look like in a backscatter x-ray machine) would not provide me with a smooth trip through the TSA security check. So, despite the fee, I'm going to check my bag and I've planned to bring a couple dresses that look good without any padding. I figure checking the bag is better too since I'll have lots of make up, jewelry, toiletries and other accessories. And for taking off my shoes, I plan to have a brand new pedicure to show off.

The TSA has very limited info on their site, but they do offer the following tips:

Transgender persons should use the name and gender that appears on their government-issued ID when making flight reservations and at the security checkpoint. You may ask that carry-on bags be screened in private if a bag must be opened by a TSA officer to resolve an alarm. Screening can be conducted in a private screening area with a witness or companion. You may request private screening or to speak with a supervisor at any time during the screening process. 

Super comfy and padding-free!
I know I'm pretty, but we're at the airport- stop using the word "bombshell."

Yeah, I'm doing what they say and hoping all will go smoothly. Of course, if I'm checking my bag I'll have to figure out what to carry with me. I'll probably take my purse and my WNYC tote bag.

The classic NYC accessory that every girl should have.

Luckily it's a short flight, so I don't need too much. Maybe just music and a book. And really all I need is my wallet, keys, phone, lipstick and gloss and a hairbrush.

Which brings us to another thing that sort of terrifies me; the restroom. Now, I've used the ladies room plenty of times and have never had an issue at all. But, yeesh. Airport bathrooms are always so crazy and chaotic. It's like a whole other level. Maybe they'll be so crazy and chaotic that no one will notice me. That's my hope. Get in. Get out. Make eye contact with no one!

For a while, I've been planning my outfits, with a little feedback from my girls down South. While I sort of want to represent cool, chic NYC and Brooklyn, I also just want to blend in as best I can. So, these are the outfits I plan to wear.

Maybe for girls' night out. 

Another girls' night out possibility. Though it is a little short & a little crazy. 

Cute, casual and great for shopping since I can take it off without smearing makeup all over it or messing up my hair.

Banana Republic dress that works for just hanging out or for a girls night (as evidenced above).

And yes, it's only dresses. Of course it's only dresses. What fun would jeans be? Seriously, if I decided to transition, I'd probably go my first year without wearing pants - just 'cause I could.

Well, it's all coming up soon. Can Faith make it in the real world? Can she get tossed in the transgender deep end and manage to swim? I think so. I think it'll be nervous but really fun and super memorable. It's kind of like that time I went zip lining or jumped out of a plane or took an adventure course. Scary. Adrenaliney. But then once the initial fear is over you just look back at how much fun you had.

Now I have so much prep to do! A new pair of sandals, a fresh new perfect wig, and a nice mani-pedi. Maybe I'll even go all out and get some waxing done.

And don't worry - I'll document every step of the way!

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