Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Trip to Governors Island

For those not in the know (which I think would be basically anyone outside NYC and probably two-thirds of people who live here) Governors Island is a park situated in New York Harbor, about halfway between Lower Manhattan and Red Hook, Brooklyn. It used to be a Coast Guard base, but was later abandoned and then sold to the city for the sum of $1.00.

They couldn't let me make a counter offer? I'd have gone to at least a buck seventy-five.

While the full development into a park is only about half way complete, for six months out of the year you can take a ferry from either Brooklyn or Manhattan and an amazing, wide open spot in NYC with grass, trees, several forts, food, drinks, concerts and crazy art projects. It's fun!

Along with Coney Island and sweating like pigs on the subway platforms, Governors is kind of a summer tradition now. This year I took the opportunity to get dressed up to visit the island. I thought it would be fun and plus there's something I just love about wearing a dress on a boat.

We explored the island and of course got tons of pictures too!

One of the new places on the island this year is the Holocenter, a gallery/museum of holographic art. Strolling through the rooms, once can check out holograms of skulls, nature or abstract shapes. And, once can also find some strange lighting that makes for some great photos.

Then exploring Fort Jay, we found the perfect spot for some great shots. 

It's a beautiful spot, but the wind means forgetting about having a good hair day.  
Eventually this will be my album cover (note to self: learn to play music)

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